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About Us

Providing Top Hospitality Furniture Solution With Over 30 Years of Experience

CS Furniture by Design is the provider of choice for large-scale hospitality furnishing projects throughout North-America. Counting over 30 years of time-tested experience in industry, we’ve built our brand on a foundation of quality, exclusivity of design and cost-effective solutions. Our international project team located in both Canada and China is here to ensure your project logistics, sourcing, and production needs are both met and exceeded.

CS Furniture by Design

CS Furniture by Design is a full-service provider of interior furnishings specializing in hospitality establishments. Counting over 30 years’ experience, we continue to be the provider of choice for a wide range of developments throughout North-America.

What We Do

To better serve your needs, we’ve partnered with established Chinese manufacturing companies who service hotels with luxury furnishings. Currently, the facilities we do business with have access to a pool of many skilled workers. As a result, CS Furniture by Design’s capacity to service its contracts on time and on budget only further speak to our strong and established partnership overseas.

To date, we’ve supplied over thousands of rooms with furniture styles that span from modern to the hacienda. The breadth of our experience spans over numerous luxury projects and boutique hotels.

Who We Are

“Quality is the best business plan”, and at CS Furniture by Design, we couldn’t agree more. My name is Reza and I am the Founder of CS Furniture By design. As a furniture maker myself, I’ve cultivated over 30 years’ experience in furniture design and I am now lending my expertise as a full-service provider of interior furnishings to hospitality establishments.

At CS Furniture by Design, we stand by the quality of our products. Counting over 30 projects to date, we’ve established an efficient model that enables us to produce and ship products from China all while maintaining North- American quality control standards. We also have the capacity manufacture and source products from India, Malaysia, and Vietnam. Currently, a team of six China-based staff focus solely on quality control and research and development, while a team of three work out of our headquarters in Vancouver, British-Columbia.

The majority of my time is spent between clients in Asia and North America as I scour, source, oversee and manage the production of all items produced by CS Furniture Design.

Our goal is to create a seamless experience through tailored furnishings, service excellence, superior quality, timely completion, cost-efficient packages and efficient logistics.